CLE, an ideal partner for companies focused on change

Founded in 1987, CLE is an emerging Italian ICT company, developing specialist IT and training products and services.
The company, based in Bari with a branch in Milan, currently employs over 40 operators who working in the service of various customers nationwide, including central & local government, health authorities, and SMEs.

CLE has based its success on focusing on how the customer’s requirements evolve, bringing all of its expertise, reliability and timeliness to problem-solving tasks, with a view to continuous improvement.
The ideal partner, working alongside our customers to help introduce changes using IT solutions and help them to reach their goals with a flexible approach, from round-the-clock assistance to training.
CLE’s highly-qualified staff have distinct specific organizational and professional skills and extensive experience to ensure that customers receive top-quality service.

Specialist training for CLE staff is ongoing, as indicated in the Quality Manuals.
At CLE, we are also fully aware of the strategic importance of research as an engine for growth and for market success, so R&D is a strategic area, with which we aim to identify innovative products and services which can then be offered to our customer base as solutions for their specific requirements.
CLE is a member of the Steering Committee of Bari-BAT province’s Industrial Association (Confindustria) in Italy, of the Apulian District of Information Technology and of AICA Puglia.

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