We support you in the challenges offered by Industry 4.0, shouldering you in your path to full Digital Transformation.

We employ and incorporate the best technologies available, to simplify industrial automation, to improve working conditions and production capacity of industrial plants.

Efficiency, quality and productivity are the main goals to achieve to improve your offer and be one of the main actors of innovation.

We will implement in your company the concept of “smart factory”, fostering dialogue and cooperation between the operators of the production system and relevant stakeholders, also, by using the latest devices together with an energy sustainability oriented approach.

  • Building Automation;
  • Manufacturing Execution AND Warehouse Management System;
  • Industrial facilities Revamping;
  • Diagnostic & Maintenance Facilities;
  • Engine & Driveline Testing Solutions;
  • Energy management;
  • PLC Safety;
  • Design and integrated control of processing, of systems and of software applications;
  • Support in highly specialized activities and business critical in industrial processes.
  • Supervising Solutions /HMI/Scada;
  • LIMS for laboratories quality assurance and production controls.
  • Field system integration with ERP systems.

Our solutions enable the implementation of important features in a production plant, allowing an extremely efficient predictive management of the maintenance allowing to act beforehand on any malfunctioning that may happen.


Here is a detailed list of our activities:

  • Data Gathering and Acquisition;
  • Product traceability and lineage;
  • Resource allocation, Work management and Performance analysis;
  • Process and quality management;
  • Production Control, Logistics and Shipment;
  • Connection to a wide array of production devices (PLC, robot, material handling systems and specialized machinery);
  • Real time data gathering, analysis and processing from many different devices monitoring operational data (current consumption, temperature, vibrations, acceleration, etc.).


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Software Developer manager with over 10 years of experience as BID and Project manager in complex projects on infrastructures and ICT security, dealing also with various aspects of counselling and solution governance.

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We have been operating in the IT sector since 1987. We are an innovative SME that provides cutting-edge IT solutions and products to Municipalities, Regions, Healthcare Companies and Companies.

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