We are specialized in offering advanced services and products regarding computer security, data privacy and fulfillment of all related laws.

Thanks to our specialists’ experience and certified expertise, we are able to design, develop, manage and maintain computer systems and infrastructures, inbound or in cloud, in accordance to the highest quality, efficiency and reliability standards as required by specific legislation.


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of Computer Services, we are sure to guarantee the best solutions available, designed to answer to the specific needs for every type of customer.

We strictly use only Italian Datacenter, certified with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301, for transferring your system in Cloud environment.

You will be able to manage your system anytime and anywhere, logging in from any device.

Find the solutions that suit your needs:

  • Central access to diverse and non-integrated systems.
  • e-collaboration (mail, contacts, calendar, chat);
  • Unified communication systems, adding features of phone services, VoIP, fax and telepresence to e-Collaboration systems;
  • In-Cloud software Virtualization;
  • In-Cloud desktop Virtualization(pc, laptop, etc.).

You will be able to virtualize your Enterprise’s Data Center, making it extremely flexible, reliable and, most importantly, optimizing its operating and maintenance costs.

Entrust us with the duties contained in the European General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” (EU2016/679)

Our wired network, Wi-Fi and hotspot, are state-of-the-art solutions that offer a completely secure and high-speed access to your data and computer systems.

We design and develop cybersecurity solutions to prevent data impairment, loss or theft and the consequent interruption of services, with the goal of guaranteeing the highest data privacy, integrity and availability.

We are among the 500 Italian companies with an ISO 27001 certificate. We develop and manage solutions in accordance to the highest ISO standards, to protect your data also in case of large-scale disaster.

You can safely rely on our technical support, computer management and maintenance services. We guarantee: immediate and easy access, prompt answers, problem solving and swift fulfillment of the requested activities, together with a digital tracking of the tasks performed.


For more than 30 years we have been working as a partner for Public Administration, acting as a reliable, precise and skilled partner.

After an ever growing demand from Public Administration operators due to the high cost and complexity of this subject, we promptly created a specialized e-Procurement support service, which aims to fully support PA through the whole process of awarding of supplies, services and works, offering a completely customized “turn-key” solution.

In Detail we take care of:

  • Support for the Responsible Project Manager
  • Support for Procurement Contracts
  • Support for Purchases and Procurement
  • Support for Administrative Procedures


We are specialized in designing and managing application solutions and groundbreaking apps, completely user oriented.

Solid, safe and completely sustainable, our solutions are designed in accordance to each specific expertise of the application domain, supported by the latest technologies, and employing project management and software development approaches.

We design and develop custom software solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs.  Furthermore we adjust, implement and update any software currently in use by our customers.

We design, develop and manage customized solutions, available as SaaS or On-premise, in the following fields:

  • Healthcare;
  • Welfare (Social and Health care Integration);
  • Environment;
  • Maritime transportation;
  • E-Government.

Our development team is aligned to the state-of-the-art of the following technologies:

  • Development Environment Java 2 EE, Oracle e .Net;
  • Programming Languages and Environment and Query Language Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, PL/SQL, Python, C, C#, ASP and Oracle Form Builder;
  • Markup Languages HTML and XML;
  • DWH Systems and Business Intelligence Oracle BI, Pentaho and QlikView;
  • APP in Android and IOS environment;
  • Application Server Tomcat, JBOSS and Oracle;
  • Advanced Web Environment based on Liferay, Joomla, WordPress, Oracle Portal, ScriptCase, Spring, Zend, Bootstrap, Bonita BPM and Alfresco technologies;
  • RDBMS Oracle, MySQL, MySQL Enterprise, PostGreSQL and MS SQL;
  • Reporting tools Jasper Report, Oracle Report Builder and Crystal Report.


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Technical Director (TD), Manager ICT, Public e-Procurement specialist.


  •   Via G. Amendola, 187/A – 70126
    Bari Italy
  •  +39 080 555 97 30
        +39 080 552 49 99
  • FAX: +39 080 550 40 03
  • PEC:
  • Partita Iva: 03695510721
  • DPO ai sensi dell’art. 37 del GDPR: Avv. Nicola Parisi

  • (MON – VEN from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)


We have been operating in the IT sector since 1987. We are an innovative SME that provides cutting-edge IT solutions and products to Municipalities, Regions, Healthcare Companies and Companies.

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