We are specialized in education and training activities for public institutions and company staff members.


Our training courses, tailored on the real needs of the customer, are enriched by the attendance, as speakers, of important magistrates and State representatives.


Our training courses are addressed to professionals that want to develop and strengthen their technical and administration skills, specifically in Public Administration and Healthcare.

Also, our experience allows us to offer a free support in technical, juridical and administrative fields, within the following 90 days after the training course.

Our main goal is to foster change in the world of Companies and Public Administration by spreading a culture based on the central role of the individual and on the possibility to provide high-quality services thanks to the use of innovative and efficient systems.

All training courses held in your premises can cut to zero the personnel’s transfer costs and open to the possibility for the creation of custom-made training courses.

Thanks to our Long-distance education methods of E-learning, you will have a digital platform accessible from any device connected to the internet at your complete disposal; this will let your coworkers train self-sufficiently anytime, anywhere.


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CLE Teach Specialist.


  •   Via G. Amendola, 187/A – 70126
    Bari Italy
  •  +39 080 555 97 30
        +39 080 552 49 99
  • FAX: +39 080 550 40 03
  • info@clebari.com
  • PEC: clecert@legalmail.it
  • Partita Iva: 03695510721
  • DPO ai sensi dell’art. 37 del GDPR: Avv. Nicola Parisi

  • (MON – VEN from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm)


We have been operating in the IT sector since 1987. We are an innovative SME that provides cutting-edge IT solutions and products to Municipalities, Regions, Healthcare Companies and Companies.

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