Resettami’ marked a substantial revolution in the administration of welfare policies: it’s not just a software, it is the “place” that allows a real activation of the processes of welfare integration between subjects that, up until this very moment, couldn’t blend with each other and allowing, in the meantime, to completely rethink and innovate their processes.


‘Resettami’ main strength is its ability to share, among all the local main healthcare actors,  the course of treatment of a patient all through a single cloud platform that cuts down waiting time – the expected schedule of acceptance of the patient’s requests is cut down from 30 days at least, to a minimum of 3 days-  promoting the professional role of the employees and avoiding their transformation from healthcare professionals to bureaucrats; the result ensures that the patients benefits from a simplified access to the services and allows institutions to monitor administrative processes, schedules, provisions and the tenor of the overall performance.



Resettami”, for all its features, in December 2016 won the 10th edition of Best Practices Award, hosted by Confindustria Salerno and, in September 2017, during the Forum dell’Innovazione per la Salute (Forum for the Innovation in Healthcare) held in Rome as part of ‘Forum PA’, the Taranto ASL (ASL:local Healthcare administration) won the Innova Salute 2017 prize thanks to its project “Integrazione socio-sanitaria al servizio dei cittadini” (Social and Healthcare integration at the service of citizens) accomplished with Resettami platform and nominated among the finalists for the APP4SUD prize in Palermo in November 2018.

Resettami helps in managing social and health operations’ whole process: from the acceptance of the patient, to the evaluation and shared definition of a comprehensive treatment, up to the accounting and reporting of interventions.

Resettami integrates with the many different Local Health Information Systems and with INPS database, allowing a real time management of the various types of services offered by the Townships, Regional policies, health districts, Health and Social Authorities and social cooperatives.

Resettami platform is based on completely open-source environments and products and employs web services for the applicative cooperation with outside information systems.

Resettami streamlines all operations, cutting implementation time, through dematerialization of information and subsequent creation of an updatable electronic social and healthcare folder, shareable between all the stakeholders.

It’s a ready-to-go solution that can be used in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode and doesn’t require any hardware intervention on any technological infrastructure held by the customer.


Resettami graphical interface allows for an easy and intuitive use. Users can connect to the platform from any electronic device (pc, tablet, smartphone) to share their information on personalized care in progress and manage every instance in real time.



Completely digitalizes the provision process of Social and Health Services pertaining to the Territorial Social Care.

Manages the procedure in its entirety, starting with the reception ( SEP-Single Entry Point management) to the acceptance of the patient(personal data, Social Demand and the assisted Social and Medical records), to evaluation (AEGD, RUG-III,SVAMA, SVAMDI etc.) up until the conclusion of service.

It also allows the creation of financial reports by incorporating in a single application all of social and medical matters, by gathering information in an integrated network that connects all actors, establishments and services involved.

Helps Municipal Social Services in providing a more efficient and effective access to all the assisted beneficiaries of publicly-founded services.


“Resettami COM” is the answer to all the needs and demands pertaining to Municipal Social Services and guarantees a digitalized management for every step in the process of the administration of services and the management of the assisted.


This allows a complete monitoring of the provided services, of their quality and suitability.

Resettami INPS makes possible the fulfillment of the Law obligation envisaged in DI 206/2014, brought into force on 25/03/2015, which provides for, on behalf of Public authorities, the transmission of data and information concerning beneficiaries of services to the INPS database.

“Resettami Web” is the portal for communication and interaction between Local Social Care and the citizen.

It represents the “Online service list for the citizen” that helps the citizen in carrying out an online search of all the services at his disposal and starts his assistance request online.
Resettami WEB
also allows the citizen to monitor in every moment the status of his paperwork up to its ultimate outcome.


“Resettami PUA distrettuale” guarantees the complete integration of healthcare cooperation features between Health Authorities and Social-care Authorities.

Specifically built for Local PUA (SEP) and integrated with Local Healthcare Systems, it manages the PU various accesses and the evaluation instruments (AGED, RUG-III, SVAMA, SVAMDI, etc.) after the proposal is uploaded by the MMG/PLS together with the information of the assisted.

 “Resettami PUA Distrettuale” helps shortening the waiting time needed to supply health services: it shortens average waiting time from 60 to 5 days.

“Resettami Cure Domiciliari” allows for the total governance of the process of Home-based Care offered by ASL, pertaining to Local Healthcare and Social-care authorities.

It allows the various professionals (Social Associations, MMG, PLS, Specialists, Nurses, Dieticians, OSS, OSA) to handle the patient’s access to local health services, starting from the recovery of the PAI (Individualized Care Plan) and the online registration, from any device connected to the Internet, to Home-based Care by detailing the type, duration and any possible specification for the requested service.

All the accesses registered by the operators are sent to the respective Local Healthcare Authorities together with all the information needed for the creation of “Flussi SIAD” (Home-Based Healthcare Services).

Resettami Cure Domiciliari P.A. also manages all the Medical Records together with the Treatment records shared among MMG and Nursing professionals.

Resettami Riability operates across neurological, respiratory, cardiac, orthopedic and mental illnesses rehabilitation, enabling the complete management of the whole process, from the patient’s access to healthcare services up to the management of specific interventions as defined by the rehabilitation program.


The patient management is integrated in a single Social and Medical Record, accessible by all the local actors involved that hold a responsibility over the “acceptance” process of such patient.

Resettami Parkinson is the first IT software capable of completely managing a Parkinson’s patient healthcare acceptance course.



The patient management is integrated in a single Social and Medical Record, accessible by all the local actors involved that hold a responsibility over the “acceptance” process of such patient.


In particular, it manages the anamnesis, diagnosis, prescriptions and further diagnostic analysis and checkups.


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